Welcome to Stanica Wodna Bieńki


The campsite is located in the beautiful surroundings near small creek, near Białe Lake. This is the second stop on the canoe route Krutynia. Arriving here we'll see nothing disturbed wildlife, which encourages relaxation. The proximity of the forest and water, will certainly provide nice time regardless of age.

Campsite is located in the zone of silence which prohibits the use of noisy water equipment. Lake Białe has numerous bends and coves which results in a unique micro climate and natural attractions.

River Dąbrówka which flows from the lake is one of the most attractive sections of the canoe route Krutynia. When keeping quiet, with some luck we can come across a working beaver or meet at the watering hole boars, deer and lots of various birds.

The resort includes, among others:

  • restaurant
  • toilet with shower, also for the disabled
  • 2 piers
  • rental of kayaks, boats and mountain bikes

Proximity to Mrągowo makes our campsite base for many events taking place during summer in the town. This is mainly the most famous Country Picnic in Mrągowo, which takes place in late July and August, and Festival of the Borderland Culture and Cabaret.

For lovers of history, it is advisable to visit the complex of bunkers, which were the headquarters of Hitler, popularly known as the Wolf's Lair. Church in Święta Lipka is also worth your attention as zero-class monument.


Telephone: (+48) 89 742 10 59
Email: stanica.bienki@wp.pl

Bieńki 2
11-710 Piecki